Victoria Fu, Televoix 1

Victoria Fu, Télévoix 1, 2017 (excerpt)

Medium: video, color with sound, 7 min. 5 sec. loop

Credits: Courtesy of Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles


Audio Transcript

In an interview with film curator Aily Nash, the artist Victoria Fu describes the commercial image sources of the human figures in her work, and their significance.

“I have made pieces using exclusively stock figures sourced from the internet, composited on backdrops of my own creation, to form a cohesive cinematic image. More recently, it’s been a mix of stock clips and original footage that I have shot with actors. Even when I am the author, the look and feel is consistent with that of stock. The generic, banal, one-size-fits-all of stock is a quality I seek out because it is the space of the image that is of primary interest to me. It tells the viewer that I am emphasizing, not the personalities or individual qualities of the actors, but the figure-ground relationship of their forms and movements to the background and air around them. When certain parts are quieter, other aspects pop out."