Victoria Fu, Double Curtain 2

Victoria Fu, Double Curtain 2, 2019

Medium: dye sublimation print on silk

Size: 124 × 306 in. (315 × 777.2 cm)

Credits: Courtesy of Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles


Audio Transcript

“Through the use of installation and moving image, Victoria Fu amalgamates image worlds to create an active experience for the spectator, one which brings awareness to the way we interact with both physical and digital space,” says film curator Aily Nash.

“She investigates the multivalent nature of images, upending their use and appearance to create new possibilities for interaction and perception.”  

The silk curtains were born from these questions, starting from the idea that an image has a derrière, and if you lift the curtain, you catch a behind-the-scenes peek to see another world.

Note the intermittent light and shadow that dances behind this curtain as you move through the space.