Kelly Akashi

Kelly Akashi composes sculptural installations that emphasize time, body and the ephemerality. Shifting between materials such as glass, bronze, light and water, Akashi's works are composed to create surprising contrasts that emphasize the natural magic of everyday forms.


Audio Transcript

Kelly Akashi uses both ephemeral and enduring media to distill moments of tension and harmony. Incorporating degradable materials such as hair, rope, and vegetables alongside refined metal and glass forms, Akashi’s sculptural compositions are uncanny yet familiar, bizarre in their distortions, but always elegant. By putting opposing forms together, she challenges our expectations of her chosen materials, and emphasizes vision’s connection to the tactile world.

As you walk by metal branches and oak shelves, consider how these delicate structures play with light, balance shells and ropes with hanging orbs, and encourage close looking. Akashi’s aesthetic language shifts amid these transient unions, inviting us to think about time, nature, and touch. Inserting her own cast hand in this space, Akashi’s art is also deeply personal, underscoring her notion of being as a thing, and her ongoing inquiry into the science and imperfection of nature itself.