Karen Lofgren, Defender series

Karen Lofgren, Defender series, 2018-2019

Courtesy of Royale Projects


Video Transcript

So the pink resin pieces are called defenders and they're named after a product, which is an acrylic pigeon spike, which is sold really broadly in the UK, which is where I started making those pieces.

And again, I was thinking about human relationships with the natural world in this particular instance with invasive species and really thinking about making these invasive species more, um, obscure, more kind of organ like and less specifically related to pigeons and more related to the way that we engage with wild systems or natural systems.

The way that we tried to abuse them to a certain point when we want to take advantage of them, for example, as food resources. And then we'd become very angry and disgusted when they're overpopulated and they're all over our stuff. Which traces a basic history of colonization throughout the world from pre-Roman times until now.