Adee Roberson, Tamarinds

Adee Roberson, Tamarinds, 2019

Medium: Video, 2 minutes, 4 seconds

Credits: Collection of the artist


Video Transcript

It was shot in Florida where a lot of my family lives in front of the Gulf of Mexico. It was also kind of a performance archive in the sense that I also swam in the ocean and did some movement stuff.

It's interesting because I wanted it to be the Atlantic Ocean, because that's where it feels like i should be. But it was the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico has something particular to African diaspora as well because New Orleans is kind of around there and I think it was a port to the Mississippi and people came from the Caribbean and people went up north through that way. So it does actually feel like a different kind of transporting place.


Audio Transcript

The video Tamarind impresses Roberson’s commitment to creating sculptural experiences with her artworks. Whereas Offerings, the other video in this room, is projected into the corner of a wall, Tamarind is projected upon rectangular pedestals, further fragmenting the image.

Here Roberson pays tribute to the memory of her aunt in a performance on a Florida beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Channeling the spirits of Caribbean diaspora and connecting them to the land on which she sits, Roberson looks up and down the coastline wearing a fringe-adorned cap that channels West African mask traditions. Then she dissolves into the whitewashed digital image.