2. Dan Namingha

Dan Namingha (American, Hopi-Tewa, born 1950), Vertical Passage, 1997, bronze with patina, edition of 6, 97 1/2 x 30 x 20 inches, Gift of Loren G. Lipson, M.D. 42-2011


Audio Transcript

A prominent Native American painter and sculptor, Namingha is known for his use of Hopi symbolism.

This totemic panel is composed of four sections, each an abstracted kachina face shaped by positive and negative geometric spaces. Kachinas are figures of spiritual power, and the number four represents Hopi beliefs about the origins of the world, the fourth world being the current period.

The open space that runs through the center is both a rift and a passageway from past to present, ending with vertical lines representing rain falling to the earth.