10. Donald Judd

Donald Judd (American, 1928-1994), Untitled, 1988-1991, concrete with iron rebar interior, 59 × 118 × 98 inches, Gift of Bettina and Donald Bryant, 11-2011


Audio Transcript

Donald Judd is one the most important artists in the Minimalist movement, a style of art that focused on creating geometric forms free from emotional influence. Judd pioneered the use of non-traditional and industrial materials, such as aluminum, steel, and concrete.


The geometric vocabulary and clarity of form in this sculpture reflect Judd’s Minimalist mastery. Made in the shape of a massive box with walls dividing its interior space, this topographic object interacts with its environment.


The play of light upon the surface creates evolving patterns and illusions. Shadows, for example, can make the open end of a box appear to be completely solid and closed while a variety of different geometric shapes inside the box appear to come and go as the sunlight hits from different directions.